Casanova employs over 40 hard-working, dedicated individuals. Our average career lifespan is close to 10 years. This ensures  year after year that we employ highly trained experts who have been working with our equipment and in our facility developing a true love for the product and our team. Our Casanova family has employed multiple generations of workers including some for over 20 years. Safety is our number one concern in the warehouse and stressed each and every day. Below is our fearless management team:


Joel Brodman

President and CEO


Joel is in charge of purchasing all products spanning beef, pork, poultry, and goat. He is also the head of the sales team.

Nania Almote

Office Manager


Nania manages day to day operations in the office and records key financials. She is bilingual and handles all customer services.

Bobby Mazzei

Head of Distribution

Francis taverez

Head of Receivables & Production


Francis manages day to day operations in the cutting room and monitors all Casanova inventory and production.


Bobby designs all distribution routes for deliveries and manages Casanova's driving staff. He also processes all customer orders.