About Casanova Meats

Four generations ago, Joseph Brodman left a small little town in Europe to embark on his journey to America. With little more than a few dollars and a wealth of knowledge and passion for the meat industry, Joseph arrived. His path was not an easy one, but Joseph was determined.

Born in Brooklyn.

Joseph would wake up at the crack of dawn every day so he could have the first pick of meats for his customers. It was this determination to provide superior meat at affordable prices that led Joseph to open his first store in Brooklyn circa 1946. Unfortunately, it was not long before his language barrier and financial difficulties forced Joseph to close the doors. 

Never one to give up on his dream of uniting special people with exceptional food, Joseph found a quaint grocery-like butcher shop in the Bronx. He was going to open his next shop. But with little money to his name, Joseph was unable to change the name of the store like he wanted to.

The name is here to stay. Joseph’s new shop was located on Casanova Street, so the name of the store he purchased was called Casanova. What he didn’t know at the time, was what the Casanova name would come to mean.

Everything happens for a reason.

Joseph could not have ended up with a better name for the company. The Casanova Meats name has come to symbolize family in the eyes of our customers, who regularly ask if our family shares their nationality. True to his wish, Joseph’s hard work paid off. He successfully managed to unite the Melting Pot that is New York. After years of successfully running the business, it was now time for his son, Werner, to take over.

Quality first.

Through difficulties and triumphs alike, the Brodman family has since carried the torch of Joseph’s legacy into the future for four generations due in large part to our commitment to quality.

On a daily basis, Casanova meats has a USDA inspector on premises, ensuring our operation is top-notch at all times. But that’s just where our commitment begins. All of our meats are also USDA Prime, coming from only the best farms across the United States.

We’re in the top 2%.

True to tradition, we only select the best for our customers. USDA Prime meat represents the top 2% of all beef raised in the United States. This is what you’re served at the finest 5-star restaurants and resorts across the world, because its superior marbling is what gives it exquisite flavor. USDA Prime meats are what we distribute to our commercial restaurant accounts, and doing so enables us to give you access to premium meats at wholesale prices. Casanova is not the only place you can get USDA Prime, but there are some common mistakes to avoid when looking for USDA Prime meat elsewhere. The first mistake is purchasing strictly on price. Some meat retailers will display lower prices, but in reality you’re getting less meat. The second mistake is buying your meat based on an in-house rating system. Oftentimes retailers will rate their own meats highly and charge USDA Prime prices, when in reality the meat is lower than USDA Prime quality. Casanova Meats has a USDA inspector on-site every day, ensuring the quality of our operation. This means when you buy meat from Casanova Meats, you can be sure you’re getting the real thing.

Always fresh. Just like our meat is the best, our fish is always fresh. Casanova Meats also offers a wide selection of local fish delivered daily for our sea-loving customers. For the meat lovers out there, your meats will always come pre-cut and vacuum-sealed in generously-sized portions so you can store what you want in the freezer, and keep what you want in the fridge for longer.

Casanova Meats Today

Today, Casanova Meats is an online retailer and wholesaler of the finest meats and seafood in New York, operating out of one centralized location in West Babylon, NY. Bringing the work of our butcher shops into one location has enabled us to reduce our costs, which allows us to pass the price savings to you.

Meet Cassie.

Cassie Casanova is our company mascot, and the newest member of the Casanova Family. She likes to catch some rays at the beach in her off time, but when she’s on the job, you can find her riding along with the guys on our trucks.