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Baby Lamb Chops

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If you’re looking for the sophisticated flavor only the best-quality lamb can provide, you’ve found it. These meaty chops are bone-in, delivering a full-bodied flavor with a tenderness that can only be found from a USDA Prime-rated rib chop. We only source lamb that is raised humanely on open pastures and fed grasses native to New Zealand and Australia like rye and clover. This upbringing leads to our lamb’s highly-coveted complex flavor profile: balanced, and never gamey. And when you add into the mix our master butchers hand-trimming, you have a lamb chop that not only delights the most discerning connoisseur, but that cooks evenly too, for beginner and expert chefs alike.

  • New Zealand sourced lamb
  • 4 pieces per order
  • Vacuum sealed
  • Flash-frozen to preserve the meat at peak freshness