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Filet of Sole

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If you’re looking for a fish that’s subtle in flavor but rich in texture, this is the fish for you. This very special fish comes from day boats off the North European coast and are shipped to Casanova Meats regularly to ensure freshness. It is well known by chefs for its thin and tender, yet firm meat, which makes it a perfect fish to roll or stuff. If you prefer to prepare a more traditional dish, this fish works well for that too. Its mildly sweet flavor and moist consistency make it a great pair with rich sauces. There are many possibilities when it comes to filet of sole, but we recommend steaming, grilling or poaching this fish instead of baking or broiling it, to avoid overcooking. When cooked just right, this fish demonstrates the perfect blend of taste and texture.

  • 8 oz filet
  • Vacuum sealed, FRESH