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Oxtail (Cut & Trimmed)

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Are you ready to make the best beef stock or braised meat you can imagine? If you answered yes, then oxtail is the cut for you. Revered by aficionados and chefs alike, oxtail is known for its gelatin-rich meat, which comes on-the-bone. Contrary to popular belief, oxtail does not come from an ox. In fact, this cut comes from the tail of the steer, and it has tons of connective tissue to prove it. When braised very slowly, the connective tissue breaks down into a flavor-packed gelatinous beef stock, which is notorious for being the secret ingredient in the best stews around, which often include the rich meat of the oxtail too.

  • 3 lb pack
  • Cleaned, Trimmed, and Cut
  • Vacuum Sealed flash-frozen to preserve the meat at peak freshness